Tuesday, February 28, 2006

µTorrent - another slick baby

µTorrent is very very light weight bit-torrent client. It's amazing for poor peoples like me, who don't have much money to buy enough RAM. Installer is 130 KB and the application takes only 5-8 MB in my RAM. It's all those features which an advanced bit-torrent client should have. So, I kicked Azureus out (takes 30-60 MB RAM) and µTorrent is in.

Get it from here.

Slickrun, slick one is faster

Slick run is a tiny software which provides slick “run” bar from where you can execute your commands. It's a floating command line utility i.e. Application launcher. Many useful commands come with the software but surely you will also add your own and that makes is different then [Windows Key + R]. It has auto complete facility and this bar can be put anywhere on the screen. It's ghost effect will never let you know about it's existence until you want to use it. If you are using Start -> Run very often then definitely you will love slick run.

It's here.

This is it... Really slick na ?

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Tell me - Is AJAX cool or hot?

Feeling to write someting on some cool technology to slay off my drowsiness. So I choose AJAX. When I started using Gmail, I was surprised by its quick response. Specially, it was noticeable that on most of the events, it don't load full page (like Yahoo!! is still doing). This is due to new idea of AJAX technology. AJAX is new 'idea' but not new technology, as it uses our old babies 'Java script' and 'XML'. Whenever the web page needs some data, you get it using Java Scrip in XML format. As AJAX is simply use of Java Script and XML in smart way, you can develop such interface in any web development languages (like ASP, JSP, PHP... and many). You can have application like interface and speed with AJAX. I have read somewhere that 'limitations of AJAX totally depends upon the imagination of the developer' – and that may be right. If you want to see sample application, goto (again... I am a bad programmer) google suggest and google maps (common... don't except link from me). A good tutorial is here.

I leave you here and myself too.