Friday, February 15, 2013

Unity3D and Vector Graphics

SVG is a popular vector graphics format. It has same limitation and advantages like any other vector graphics formats but SVG is very popular (and it's open format). Actually most modern browsers (and mobile devices) support it. Also, a graphics developer can create complex vector graphics using various tools available and need not to be programmed. They are not there to replace all raster format but in some specific cases, it may be more advantageous to use vector graphics. One of the major advantage of the vector graphics in general is that it looks crisp regardless of resolution, and they are less in size (well, not all the times). They may take same amount of memory and little more processing power but sometime they are worth it.

After thinking about all these advantages, I went look for unity plugin that can support direct rendering of SVG file or converts it to texture in runtime and show it and I found this:

This one is still in its basic form and not yet practical to use. I hope something along the way come to make Unity use 2D vector rendering easier.

The other one that I stuck during my search was:
This one works with basic shapes and creates triangles out of vector forms which is more Unity friendly. It's nice thing but the implementation as of now has very limited features and most probably will not satisfy your needs.

Btw, as you may know, Flash already supports vector rendering (proprietary format) and this is the main reason why Flash games are very light in size and still looks crisp.


Patrick Taylor said...

I just found this plugin
It looks promising. The author claims that it runs
even on mobile.

Yogee said...

Thanks Patrick for sharing this link. From their demo and feature list, it looks great!