Monday, April 10, 2006

Ye, Yes, Pee . NET 2

From this week I am starting work on ASP .net 2, a year after first hands on exp (read my blog of 1st march 2005). Webcasts from Microsoft are giving great promises but it’s my time to see whether it was an advertising program or they really those are for us. Some of cool new features (or features with newness) according to me are masterpages, menu, sitemap, cashing, RAD and most importantly XHTML W3C standards compatibility for cross browser support (MS now understands that not following standards may keep MS following only). VS 2005 and MS SQL 2005 are also yet to experience. And as I have to work on AJAX application, I need to have a look at ‘Atlas’ too.

The list is not long but time is really ticking fast!

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