Saturday, May 13, 2006

About MS Visual Studio 2005 Editor for ASP .net

I get excited when I start my Visual Studio to write any web application because of its kind nature of suggesting the code (oh ya!! It’s ‘intellisense’). But the shit about this editor is when I change table height/width parameters (in design view) it changes in pixels not in %. This is really irritating me because only a wrong mouse click (in design view) in my complex web pages changes width and height parameters of al s. So again I’ve to go to each and every of my table and change the parameter. Although this editor is much batter then the one which was coming in VS 2003 (for ASP .net) as that one was starting in grid mode by default. Editor for ASP .net in VS 2005 doesn’t change my HTML formatting and I am really indebted to Microsoft as it was not there in editor of VS 2003.

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