Friday, January 11, 2008

“generator” element in .hbm file

Recently I was stuck in a peculiar problem where I couldn’t insert a new record in a table using NHibernate. It came out to be the .hbm file which was giving problem. Because our DO generators are written so well, we looked for the bug there at last.

NHibernate class generator always creates class thinking that the primary key will be ‘auto-generated’. But that table doesn’t have auto-generated primary key. And so the “generator” element was incorrectly set to ‘native’ (i.e. auto-generated) for that table.

About “generator” element:

If the value of this is set to ‘native’, the key is auto-generated. Set ‘specified’ to set the primary key yourself in code. See link below for description of all values that generator can have. Note that ‘specified’ is the default in case “generator” element is absent in hbm file.


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