Thursday, April 04, 2013

Firefox 20 Feature - Click To Play

If you, my friend, are annoyed by zillions of flash advertisements running on your browser for which you haven't subscribed, have a look at the latest version of Firefox 20. It has a hidden lovable feature called "Click To Play". If enabled, it will deactivate all Flash (and Java) plugins except the one which you select to activate in a page. I've a netbook ('cheap laptop') which cannot handle the army of flash advertisements so I chose to activate this hidden Click_To_Play feature on my recently updated Firefox.

How to Enable Click_To_Play:

  1. Open a new firefox tab and type "about:config" in address bar.
  2. Click on button which says "I will be careful" etc..
  3. Now search for Click_To_Play in "Search" box.
  4. Double click preference named "plugins.click_to_play". It will change value of the preference to 'true'.
  5. You are done. Go to any web site and click only the plugin which you know you want to activate.  
Happy Browsing and don't let the Flash ads bite!


talis said...

If you have added a site to the "always play" choice how do you then edit that site if you change your mind?


Yogee said...

This setting is not per site basis. It is a global setting which is applicable to all sites.