Wednesday, June 10, 2015

NDK Directory Location on Windows 7

I am not big fan of Android on Windows 7 but that's what I've at present and now I've to install NDK for some reason. So, I downloaded Android NDK from According to the documentation, I've to double click the NDK download and it will automatically extract file. I ran and now I don't know where it has extracted the files are. I have to mention installed NDK path (ndk.dir) in "" (btw, I am using Android Studio). After searching whole C: suing below DOS command (I saw my nkd folder was "android-ndk-r10e"),

    dir /b /s /ad | findstr "android-ndk-r10e"

Found the directory. As I've downloaded 64 bit NDK, it's


on my 64bit Windows 7 machine.

Hope this helps and you don't have to search C: like me.

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