Friday, July 31, 2009

Interoperability Problem with WCF Web Service Solved

I've spoken to many of my friends about how WCF services do not work with older system (and some time modern system like Flex). Well it is my bad that I didn't search for a solution. Sorry! I didn't search for the 'problem' itself.
Now, when I was generating WSDL file from my .svc, I good a strange thought. I didn't want to give 1 WSDS and 3 xsd imports (yeah 3 xsd:import.. see your WSDL), I wanted to flatten it a bit and give single WSDL. While searching for the solution, I found this article by Christain Weyer. It revealed to me that lack of 'single and complete' WSDL file is the problem for old consumers. I highly encourage you to visit his blog and see the solution by yourself.

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Yogee said...

Correction! No need to have flat WSDL for Flex now. I don't know which version started working but yes, now it works.