Friday, July 24, 2009

Wix with util:User

Wix installer is my latest adventure. It's good but few thing may leave you scratching you head for hours. One of them is user right assignment.
I wanted to give ASPNET user some access right to my MSMQ. So defining user went like this (after that I gave permission):
<util:User Id="aspnet" Name="ASPNET" / >
Everything worked fine, until my product was uninstalled (for testing... in real life people will love it). Uninstaller 'owned' the ASPNET user and deleted while uninstalling the product. Leaving system corrupt. I had to rescue my system's dangled processes by re-registering ASP.NET. And found (hit and try) this is the right way:
<util:User Id="aspnet" Name="ASPNET" CreateUser="no" UpdateIfExists="no" />
I don't know much about it but this worked and 'happy ending' is all I want at the starting of my weekends :)
Happy Weekends 2 u 2!

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